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Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
Global Fire and Safety installs, services, and supports all types of fire detection and alarm systems. More...

Gas Detection (Combustible and Toxic)
Global Fire and Safety can supply your workers with the equipment they need to detect hazardous and combustible gases. More...

Fire Suppression Systems
Global Fire and Safety designs, installs, and services a variety of clean agent systems. More...

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Fire Suppression

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
Global Fire and Safety designs, installs, and services a variety of clean agent systems.  Depending on your requirements, Global can supply you with FM-200, Inergen, CO-2, or FE-13 fire suppression systems.  Global Fire and Safety has experience at servicing and replacing Halon suppression systems.

Clean agent systems are used to suppress fires very rapidly without causing further damage or creating the mess of other methods.  Common applications include clean rooms, computer rooms, and engine rooms aboard marine vessels.  Below are the features of each clean agent:
Clean Agent Comparison Chart


Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems
Global Fire and Safety supplies the most effective dry chemical fire suppression systems utilizing ABC or BC dry chemical powder.  Dry chemical is very effective against Class A, B, and C fires.  These systems are used to protect various industrial applications such as paint spray booths, mechanical rooms, and flammable liquid storage areas.


Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems
Global Fire and Safety is very experienced in the installation, service, and maintenance of restaurant kitchen suppression systems.  Global Fire services restaurant systems on a daily basis.  Hood systems automatically detect and suppress fires with or without someone present 24 hours a day.  Global offers the most effective and widely used hood systems, such as the Ansul R-102.



Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems
Water mist is a natural, non-toxic, efficient, and widely applicable system. This risk-specific solution is a fine water spray mist that offers effective protection without the deluge and damage of traditional water-based systems.  Current applications are for the oil and gas industry, power generators, manufacturing and industrial plants, and marine vessels.


Foam Fire Protection Systems
Global Fire and Safety services, inspects and repairs foam protection systems from many manufactures. Give us a call and we will see what we can do you for you.


Global Fire and Safety is a representative of almost every major fire protection manufacturer, enabling us to supply and support a wide variety of items and systems.  The following is a listing of the various systems, services, and items that we can supply your company. For more information or pricing, please use our Product/Service Information Request Form, or call us at 510-834-2323.



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